August Boss Mom, Stephanie from Run Strong Run

Yay! One year! I can’t believe I started a blog a year ago and I’ve actually kept it going! Although I do admit I wish I had a little more content on there I am happy that I’ve been able to feature such amazing women who not only inspire me daily but are awesome moms and people in their community. Since it’s my 1 year blog anniversary I wanted to feature the person who got me interested in blogging and who has been a friend and inspiration to me for the past 3 years. She is a teacher, a wife, a bonus mom of two older children and she just recently had a daughter of her own.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie from Run Strong Run 8 months after having my first child at the Run Rocklin half marathon. Stephanie was a pacer with Beast pacing and I met her out of the course pacing a 2 hour 30 minute pace group (ouch to my ego but hey it was my first half marathon postpartum)! By then time I got to her I didn’t have much of the race left but I was done, physically and emotionally but I knew my baby was waiting for me at the finish line to cheer me on (probably more likely waiting to be breastfed)! I introduced myself to her and we talked for the next few miles, and she encouraged me to stick with her as long as I could. I remember her being so inspirational and encouraging and I was immediately drawn to her.

We ended up finishing the race although not together she was there at the finish line to cheer me on! We parted our ways and I later found her on Instagram and thanked her for helping me push through those last miles of the race. We began following each other and became friends instantly. Our love for God, running and many other things truly made our relationship special. Stephanie is the inspiration behind my blog and has helped me from the beginning learn about the blogging world and has been so helpful!

I wanted to feature her this month because I’ve never met anyone like her. She’s encouraging, kind, smart and motivated. But best of all she’s genuinely a good friend. So glad we met that day! Cheers to many more years of friendship! Now I wanna share a little bit about her!

Boss mom: Stephanie is a 5th grade teacher. And trust me you would want to be her student! I mean she must be doing something right for her students to bring in her favorite doughnuts (which is a maple doughnut by the way)! Her and her husband have been married since 12/12/12. On 12/12/12, not only did she gain a husband, but she also became mom to two amazing “bonus kids” she calls them, who at the time were 7 and 10. Those two kids are now teenagers. In November 2018, she gave birth to her first biological child. Stephanie says ”I am richly blessed”!

Hobbies & Interests: Stephanie says “When not spending time with my family or teaching my amazing group of 5th graders, I enjoy running all the races, blogging, and pacing”. She adds “I had the joy of meeting Mrs. Mother Runner while pacing Run Rocklin, my first pacing gig in 2016. I’m not pacing very much lately, since I’m still trying to get my pre-pregnancy speed back”. You and I both girl. It’s so different after kids. I know there’s less time, more gear and less focus. I want to add that Stephanie is amazing. She’s already ran multiple races postpartum and managed to finish her masters degree all while being a new mom. She is amazing!

Contact Runstrongrun: You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as RunStrongRun.

Bonus: Why RunStrongRun? The name RunStrongRun came from my love of arm wrestling. If we ever meet in person and you ask me, “Want to arm wrestle?” chances are I’ll excitedly respond, “Yes!” My first arm wrestling tournament was in Mexico. VIDEO This is also when I started running. People chanted, “Run Strong Run” hence the social media handle “runstrongrun”. I lived in Mexico from 2010 – 2012 while teaching 3rd grade at an international school.


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