August “Boss Mom” Top Soil Nutrition

Welcome to the first “Boss Mom” feature for the month of August 2018. I would like to introduce you to my best friend Tara. I have known Tara for about 5 years. We met at  Kaia Fit Granite Bay, a gym for women, where she was coaching and I was a member.  I instantaneously gravitated towards her because she had a very calming and kind demeanor.  We became workout buddies and friends. Fast forward to three years ago when we both found out we were pregnant and expecting girls. Our daughters would be 2 months apart her daughter being born in June and mine in August! Our daughters are besties (best friends) and they are inseparable. It’s so nice to find another mom with a similar parenting style and someone you can be open and honest with without being judged.  I wanted to feature Tara because she is first and foremost a good person. She is an AMAZING mom, she is a loyal friend, and I truly believe in what she has to offer the world. Below you can read all of the details about who she is and what she does. I hope you enjoy meeting her! All of her contact info is below if you are interested in  more information or her services please do not hesitate to reach out to her or myself.

BOSS MOM: Tara is a mind body eating coach. Which means she helps guide clients with a mindful eating approach with the foods that they choose. She helps people who struggle to lose weight, have body image and digestive issues. She focuses on past and current issues that might be blocking their results to a better self. Whether it’s due to not being fully present or because of the quality of foods that they choose. She finds her line of work interesting because we all have our own unique relationship with food.

Tara’s Hobbies & interests:  Being active is very important to Tara. If  she doesn’t work out, she definitely feels a shift in her mental health. Either working out with her girls at Kaia Fit or hiking outdoors does the trick. She would rather go grocery shopping than go clothes shopping . She loves cooking and trying new foods.

Connect with Tara:

Instagram topsoilnutrition

Facebook:  TopSoil Nutrition


Website & blog

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